looked up to for

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Wayne Rooney talking about Paul Gascoigne.

“He was always someone who I looked up to for the way he played football and how good he was. I still think to this day he was the greatest England player.”

Does “someone who I looked up to for” simply mean that Wayne Rooney respected/admired him very much or does it also mean he learned from him?

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“Wayne Rooney talking about Paul Gascoigne.”

The above is not a sentence, so it is wrong to capitalize and punctuate it as if it were one.

But how is this structure called if it’s not a sentence?

I often see it in native English sources.

architectsjournal.co.uk/home … ullarticle

Chris Smith talking about art and architecture

[color=red]EDIT: Oh, I think I should’ve written “What is this structure called…”


Thank you, Canadian45.

Thank you, Canadian45.

look up -search for information
look up to-to respect and admire

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Thank you, Daiga1960.