'look foward to ...' or 'looking foward to ...'

When I was reading your newsletter of 18/Apr I actually did start wondering what the difference was between ‘I look forward to…’ and ‘I am looking forward to…’

As for me, the first one seems slightly more formal & reserved, while the second one with the Continuous seems more urging, more emotional, suggesting ‘I am quite keen to …’, ‘I can’t wait to …’.

Am I getting it right?


Yes, though I don’t think the difference is extreme.

If they’re so similar, and the “I’m looking…” connected more with the emotions, why can’t we say:

Everyday, on my way home, I’m looking forward to a big dinner.

Normally it’s this, right?

Everyday, on my way home, I look forward to a big dinner.


You might want to take at I look forward to vs. I’m looking forward to.[YSaerTTEW443543]

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