Longer lives of people now; various causes

Life is crucial for the mankind. Every man who comes to this world will face death one day. Statistics tell that average life span in this era has increased from 62 to 78 years during the past few decades. There are numerous causes of this increase. In my view, better medical facilities, modern technology and more awareness about health through media are playing an important role to help people live longer.
First, the availability of modern technology helps in timely diagnosis and treatment of dangerous diseases or medical conditions which was not possible in past. For instance, three years ago, I was pregnant with my second child. During the last trimester, I went to a hospital for routine medical check-up. When the doctor observed my condition, she recommended an emergency ultra sound. On seeing reports, she diagnosed that I had scanty liquor around the baby sac which might pose a threat to my baby’s and my life. She admitted me to the hospital immediately, performed some necessary tests and operated me few hours later. My baby and I were both safe and sound. Later on, the gynaecologist told me that in the absence of bags, my child could only survive for twelve more hours. Had I been in this condition 50 years ago, I would have died because no anesthesia, operation theatres, and ultrasound were available then. As you can see, availability of modern technology saves our lives.
Second cause of longer lives today is health consciousness and increased awareness among common people through media; newspapers, television, and internet. For example, I am young and healthy but never liked to exercise. Also, I never realized the importance of balanced diet and always loved to eat junk food. Last year, I watched a health show on television where a doctor was talking about how taking a healthy diet consisting of proteins , vitamins, and carbohydrates keeps you away from disease and help you stay young and active. He explained that the processed foods are cancerous and we should avoid eating junk food often. Furthermore, the doctor told that doing 10 minutes of exercise such as jogging or brisk walk can make our muscles strong and heart and lungs healthy. This made me realize the importance of keeping a balance in life. From that day on, I try to exercise and take a balanced diet. So, the TV show persuaded me to adopt a healthy lifestyle. I feel more active and energetic and fall ill less often now.
In a nutshell, not only the availability of modern facilities and technology , but also motivation through media made people to live and eat healthy and has helped to increase life spans today. We should always value those scientists and health workers who are working day in and day out to help us stay healthy and live long lives.

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