listen to me

i want your opinion in my skeaking skill and sentence formation

Hello Sherin,

I am a fellow learner here and I am happy to welcome you to the group.

By succesfully recording your voice and posting your audio message in the forum for the first time, you have taken step one to improve your speaking skills. The experts, fellow learners here and I would be happy to accomodate your study. Taking step two, three and so on will entirely be up to you though, so I hope that you are up for the challenge. I believe that your stay here will be as pleasant, if not more, as mine.

I made a transcription of your first recording and this is how it looked like :

"Hi everybody,

My name is Sherin. I’m from Egypt.

I found this site by chance, um, it’s a great opportunity to practise, uh, speaking to others in, uh, English Language.
Uh, I will try to, uh, um, to speak to you,uh everyday to improve my language. I needed very much practising, talking to others (???) for me.

I don’t know if there is, uh, a chatting service through this, um, site or not, but, uh, it’s my first trial to others and hear your evaluation to my language and speaking.

Um, English like, uh, like you said before, is, uh, it’s, uh, the only language, uh, used, uh, worldwide so, um (???) need to improve it. And I have a problem in improving my language, I have many, um attempts before but, uh, it wasn’t continuous. So, uh, when there is a step forward I, uh, take two step backward because I disconnect reading and, uh, hearing English. Knowing English and improving it is a great importance, is a must, I think.

Um, it’s my first trial, I don’t know, um <> I don’t know if it’s okay or not, I couldn’t found the words to say, uh, I think it’s enough for the first trial (???) now, and uh, for the second one I will tell you information (?) about my career and myself and my family and my country, this will help a lot to, um, improve my English and I am still asking if there is a chatting service, uh, to chat with other members or with the native teachers and professionals and co-founders, uh, of the site or not.

Thank you."

Although I take pleasure in doing such work, the native speakers here may find that writing the transcription of your speech as tiresome. We have few native speakers here and even fewer who are willing to give feedback to EFL speakers for one reasons or another. One of the reasons is probably that many of our speech (yes, that also applies to me) is heavily accented, that, without a transcription of audio message, the correcting takes too much work. Please understand that the comparison between the native speakers and the learners here are barely balanced. So, on your next audio message post, it is a good idea to post the transcription as well.

To post a proper transcription, please take some time to take a look at how to properly write a message in this forum. You can do that by clicking here and here.