lisbon treaty

Hi everyone,
what do you think of the way of things turned out here in Ireland?
I talked to a lot of people here, and Im preaty sure most of them has no idea why they voted the way they did.
They dont like the govarnment because the recession, so it seemed to be a way to strike back I guess.
People should have been a lot more informed thats obvius.
Sorry about my post I cant find that damned aphostrofe

I think that, if people in more countries had been allowed to vote on the treaty, it would have gone down to a resounding defeat in many more of them.

A few years ago, Václav Klaus, the president of the Czech Republic, announced that he and many of his people had great misgivings about joining a union that was run by “an unelected supranational government”, because they had just spent 40 years ruled by another one, which was the Soviet Union.

To me, something is off kilter with the way the EU operates. They drafted a constitution that dictated the size of tomatoes, they pass legislation trying to force religious doctors in Poland and Slovakia to perform abortions against their will, they try to form a supranational government, with a foreign policy and all, without putting it to a vote in most countries.

It’s like a weird back-door takeover by people who used to be in the Red Army Faction, but are now older and simply manipulate the system.


Personally I think it’s a miracle that the EU ‘operates’ at all. It’s a bit like the Mad Hatter’s tea party. That said it’s a wonderful idea in theory and this resident of an offshore island is happy to offer a hand in solidarity.