Linking Words and Structures.

Please help me to correct the following sentences by using variety of the structures.
Q.1- The Masai are East African tribespeople. They are tall. They have noble features. They look extremely graceful.

A.1- The Masai, East African tribespeople, are not only tall but also have noble features, who look extremely graceful.

Please suggest.

OR can we use these structures too?
A-2 The Masai, who are tall East African tribespeople, not only have noble features but also look extremely graceful.
A-3 The Masai, tall East African tribespeople, have noble features as well as an extremely graceful look.

2 and 3 are OK, but your 1st suggestion does not work.
There are many possible correct variations, however I would question the use of ‘graceful’ as a description of how they look. It seems to me that this should describe how they move and act.