Lines from a novel: On someone else the fuzz would have...


Please see below!

“With Stipetto Brothers I could play. I had a.45(gun) that could sound off loud and clear, but with the cops you do not play like that. On someone else the fuzz would have stepped up and made the pinch without waiting.”

Could you please explain the highlighted lines to me?


Tom, sometimes I feel as if there were two of you :shock: :lol: . When do you find the time to read all the books you refer to in your posts? Unless you don’t get to sleep at all (as I was writing this, I got a spam about how to fall asleep easily and naturally :lol: – this is becoming spooky, the Big-Brother-is-watching-you kind of spooky).

Your sentence sounds like Mafia jargon. Try as I might, I can’t decipher it.

Hi Tom

The slang words cops and fuzz both mean “police(men)”.
The slang expression make a pinch means “make an arrest” or “take into custody”.

So your sentence seems to mean that “if he had been somebody else, he would have been immediately arrested by the police.”