Line and margin


I have consulted some dictionaries but still cannot tell a difference. :shock:

Could you please tell me the difference between the two?

A teacher to his students:


Hi Tom

Basically, you can draw a line in order to create a margin. The margin is the space on the paper which should remain empty.

I copied a picture from the Net and labeled the lines and margins:

Many thanks for the hard work, Amy.

So the right collocations are:

draw a line
create a margin


Can we say: [color=red]draw a margin?

Thanks again


Hi Tom

No, I doubt that I would ever say ‘draw a margin’.

You might ‘make a margin’ or ‘set up the margins’, for example.

Hi Tom,

I remember hearing and being told at school to draw a margin. And that meant, as I understood it, ‘draw a line down the left-hand side of a page that would act as a margin.’