Limopas in Europe!


I was just reading in article which said that lipomas are extremely common in Europe. Every 10th person (I am not sure if I am writing the correct number) has benign tumours over his/ her body! What do you think? Was the article correct or you people have not even seen them?


Hi Tom,
I cant find the word “lipoma” anywhere, but I think of myself as a clever boy, so I guess it’s something like a cancer.
If my guess is right I’ll answer your question, if wrong then my answer is a computer-virus and I will not take responsibility for it at all.
As they say, people die sometimes.
A century ago you didn’t have much chance to grow too old,
'cause you either got killed in some war, or got some deadly virus and died, so they couldn’t run a test on anyone the age of 60.
I know, cancer is a scary thing, but tell me an other thing you’d like to die of, instead.
All bad, I just hate all of them.
I hate lipomas as well, eventhough I don’t know what they are.
I like shrimp though :slight_smile:
It was bad, I’m sorry :oops:

Hi Tom

I don’t know how much truth is in the article you read, but if what I can see in Germany is any indication, then your article appears to be hogwash. :wink:

Hi Spencer

Having watched my mother die of cancer, I can tell you that I’m convinced there are much “better” ways to die. :cry:


Hi Amy,
I’m sorry about your mother