Liking vebs (look/seem/appear)

Dear teachers,

These 3 sentences have the same meaning?

a. You look happy.
b. You seem happy.
c. You appear happy.

If not, as liking verbs,how to distinguish the difference btw “look”, “seem” and “appear”? Are they interchangeable?


I think you need to look at a dictionary.

Dear teachers,

In my dictionary:

Keep = remain = stay (in my given examples)
look = appear = seem

But my teacher said they’re different.
Coul you explain me?


Go to the Longman Online Dictionary.
Then look up the word seem. At the bottom of the entry, there is a whole explanation of when to choose look, appear or seem.

thank you so much Mr:tung quoc

It’s agood question.

I need to know the different between them too.

I mean when can i use them exactly .Is there aspecial situation for each.



Let’s have a go.

They all have the idea of describing what you see or think you see.

You look very well this morning. Your garden looks very pretty.

When we were on the ship we saw another small yacht, which appeared unexpectedly on the right.

The sky seems very dark today at least that’s how I see it and that usually means rain.


Hi Quoc,

I like your questions. If you have time, please read all topics I posted here. Most of them are yours.

Right now, I have no time to be on the forum. Here is my opinion about your question:

Look and appear sound the same in your sentences. It’s more of the physical aspect or state. Seem happy means that you are just giving an impression of being happy (you may or may not be happy truly). Their usage will now depend on your sentence.

Van Khanh

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Every thing is Ok for me. I have returned in Vnam yesterday.

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I wish you every success.

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