Life today is easier and more comfortable than it was when your grandparents were

Life today is easier and more comfortable than it was when your grandparents were children.

When we listen to childhood our grandparents’s memoirs, we see that their life were too difficult those times. The Life today is much easier than the childhood theirs because we use easy and fast transportation systems and we have many communication equipment. We also obtain easily and quickly our food.
The transport today is easier and faster than the transport in past. In past, people used horse or donkey to transportation. Nowadays, there are many easy and fast transportation systems, such as airport, train, ship, bus and personal cars. We can go to the far points only in several hours by airplane. With public transportation, we can also do easily and quickly personal works in during the day.
People can contact easily with each other now but the people contacted only by mail in past. Existence many of communication equipment such as phone, email, and internet caused that people contact very comfortable. For example, using the internet, we can contact with our friends in far points of word and we see their and speak with their very easily and with the least cost.
Nowadays, obtaining the food is very facile in compare to past. You can refer to the nearest supermarket that exists in your neighborhood and you buy all things that you need. Otherwise, in past, people must have produced themselves their food. For example, for obtaining bread, they produced themselves wheat.
To sum it up, living is more comfortable and easier today than living in childhood our grandparents because firstly, the transportation has been simplify. Secondly, people can communicate easily with each other, and thirdly, obtaining the food is also easily and quickly.

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