Life-and-death scary and rollercoaster scary

Jamie has used those terms in another thread. I found them interesting and wanted to add a few more kinds of ‘scary’:

  • blood-curdling scary
  • bone-chilling scary
  • goosebump scary
  • back-crawling scary
  • heart-stopping scary
  • creepy look-behind-your-back scary
  • a monster’s-going-to-get-you kind of scary
  • a villain’s-gonna-jump-out kind of scary
  • a creepy, slow, oozy kind of scary
  • a ‘jumpy’ kind of scary

Anymore ideas anyone?

Hi Conchita

How about these:
spine-tingling scary
creepy-crawly scary
something’s-under-the-bed scary

And somehow it seems like it would be appropriate to add “grammar gremlin kind of scary”. :lol:



Thanks, Amy for your hair-raising contribution! The grammar gremlin one, in particular, gave me the creeps!