Liaison: Whichever, whatever, whenever, whereas, morever...

Hi all,

Please read:

Whichever, whatever, whenever, whereas, morever,forever,without, unable, inestimable, uneasy,
unusual, uninterested, disinterested.

For only these words, do you make the liaison btw
the both letter with the following vowel?

Ex: Do you say /wen/ /ev…/ or /we/ /nev…/
Do you say /^n/ /i:zi/ or /^/ /ni:zi/
Do you say /^n/ /ju:…/ or /^/ /nju:/
Or both pronunciations are corect?


Liaison has nothing to do with ‘correctness’. It is merely what happens physically as a speaker utters chains of words naturally and at a natural speed-- for the individual. Recording liaison and reduction is an utterly descriptive process for linguists. Both the liaisons you have recorded exist.


What you are asking about is not liaison. Liaison occurs between words, and you are asking about individual words. What you are asking about is syllabification within words.

In English, syllabification ignores the boundaries between words and morphemes, and it attempts to start every syllable with a consonant. Therefore, “whichever” is syllabified as “whi - che - vr”, and “uneasy” is syllabified as “^ - ni: -zi:”. If the word “uneasy” is uttered by itself, its first syllable would begin with a glottal stop.