Letter to a friend. "Editing my friend's guide book"

Letter to a friend.

Dear Bill,
Thanks for your letter – it was great to hear from you. I have to say you’ve written an interesting chapter. I’d love to express my opinion about it as it was a pleasure to read it.
What I liked most of all is that you’ve mentioned historical and entertaining places the tourists may visit in the city. Although I have to correct you in some parts.
First of all, if you are travelling around the city by car you need to know where is the parking, especially in the centre. Besides all the museums are open from 9 a.m. till 6 p.m. daily. The British Museum is a place which I think must be number 1 in a list. When I visited it I was impressed by the variety of fantastic objects it contains. It was a breathtaking journey in the history of human culture. In addition to when you are in a new place it is much more easier to orientate yourself with a map.
What’s more, things are really zipping along here at night. A great variety of dance clubs, pubs and burs are open nightlong. Anyone could have a great time and even make new friends there.
I wish you good luck with your book.
I’m looking forward to the new chapter of your book!
Best wishes,

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