Let's talk about movies..

Okey, I can say for myself that I am deep in love with movies, I don’t know how much that can be a good or bad thing. But all I know is that I am strongly attached to them, and there is no way to be detached easily.
I like almost every kind of movies, it usually depends on my mood. But I don’t follow the ordinary statement, if you are in bad mood watch happy movie, I like to watch sad movies when I feel that way.
There are always been good movies, and I can’t say that new movies are bad just because I am nostalgic about the old ones. I kinda like new movies.
I can’t count all movies I watched, because the number is unknown, but the last movie I watched is, In the name of the father, it is not one of the most known movies, and it’s a bit old. But than again my suggestion to the everyone. I really do not know how could I miss something like that. Maybe the best act I ever saw, and ending was epic.
I hope for someone else to join this conversation, so we can talk about every single movie… :slight_smile:

Please listen to my recording and respond with a voice message too. Many thanks.

After spending seven years in solitary confinement and having his sister-in-law murdered, confidence trickster Jake Green (Jason Statham) is out to get revenge on Dorothy Macha (Ray Liotta).
Jake Green is a hotshot con artist who has acquired a specific strategy (referred to as “the Formula”), that is supposed to lead its user to win every game, during his seven-year stint imprisoned in solitary confinement. While the reasons for his sentence are unspecified, it’s implied that he was incarcerated due to the efforts of Dorothy Macha, a corrupt casino owner. The Formula itself was discovered by two unnamed men in adjacent cells either side of Jake’s own. During the first five years of his seven-year sentence, the three men communicated their thoughts on confidence tricks and chess moves via messages hidden inside provisional books, such as ‘The Mathematics of Quantum Mechanics’. They plan to leave their cells simultaneously, but end up leaving Jake behind, who ends up serving the remaining two years. He finds that all of his possessions and money have been taken by the two men with whom he had shared everything but, having the two men’s Formula, he goes about making a lot of money at various casinos. Two years later, Jake has garnered a reputation that leads many casinos to fear his freakishly good ‘luck’. The Formula is seen to apply to any game, and is often exemplified by his apparent mastery of chess. The story revolves around Jake’s epiphanic awakening, as he learns how to apply the Formula to the ‘game’ of life.
Approximately two years after his prison release, Jake, Billy and their other brother Joe walk into one of Macha’s casinos. “All the tables are closed” to Jake and company, and they are promptly called up to a private area of Macha’s casino where a high rollers’ game is currently taking place. Jake bets Macha a fortune on a chip toss, and wins. This hurts Macha. As Jake says “nothing hurts more than humiliation and a little money loss”. Macha suspects that Jake, who seems unafraid of him, will be out for more revenge. As Jake and his brothers leave the casino, Jake collapses down the stairs unexpectedly and is rushed to the hospital. The doctors report he is very ill but do not disclose why he had the blackout. Macha puts out the order for a hit on Jake. Jake arrives home, without Billy, to be welcomed by one of Macha’s hits. Jake is the only one who survives, being rescued by a mysterious individual called Zach (Vincent Pastore). Zach introduces him to his partner, Avi (André Benjamin). Jake finds out that the blackout occurred due to a blood disease which will cause his death within three days, and that Macha is after him. Avi says that only he and Zach can protect him and that, in return, Jake must give them his money to fund their loan shark enterprise.
Sam Gold is seen to be the ‘king’ in this chess game of gang warfare. He is the ultimate figure that all men are supposedly aspiring to be. Sam Gold is revealed to be an ultimately powerless cipher, whose power is granted only by those who invest in him. He represents ego and self-investment. He is the personification of greed. It is revealed that Avi and Zach were Jake’s “neighbours” during his years of incarceration. They have forced Jake to “induce head pain to engage the enemy” by making him give his money away under the principle that “nothing hurts more than humiliation and a little money loss”. They are inflicting this form of ‘premature enlightenment’ upon Jake because, according to them, he was not ready to hear how hard this process of liberation was going to be while in prison. It was because of this that they left without him.
Avi attempts to get Jake to understand the nature of the ego. He tells Jake “the greatest con that [the ego] ever pulled was making you believe that he is you.” This is seen to be the ‘ultimate con’, in that no-one wants to sever their connection with their ego, because they refuse to challenge their own life-long investment in it. In the end, Jake also steps off the proverbial chess board by making a conscious effort to reverse everything his ego tells him to do. This is seen to be the truest and most fundamental application of the Formula. The characters of Jake, Zach, Avi and Sorter (Mark Strong) are seen to ultimately reject the ego’s ‘rules’. The character of Dorothy Macha is seen to succumb to them.