Let's Play III -- Keep One, Change One

[color=darkred]Type two words that go together.
For example:
sunny day
The next person has to choose one of those words to keep and add his/her own word to make a new reasonable pair.

Using the example ‘sunny day’, the next poster can choose ‘sunny’ or ‘day
So the next poster chooses ‘day’ and might write
hard day
The next poster would now have the choice of combining a new word with either ‘hard’ or ‘day’.

  1. apple juice
  1. apple martini
  1. dry martini :slight_smile:
  1. dry ice
  1. ice age

I think I like this one, it looks like we can easily chat here a little bit too.

  1. ice cream

Yes Cristina, each answer is short enough to be easily identified among any incidental chat.

  1. cream cake

8)sponge cake

I like it too.
I’m sick as a dog. It’s 35C outside all normal people are out - and I got some viral infection, I can’t sleep, can’t eat even can’t blow my blocked nose. I have an awful headache, my temperature is lower than necessary, and generally life sucks … You’re my only company for this weekend …

  1. as nutty as a fruit cake

What do you mean, Bagheera? That we are not normal ?!
My husband is at work and I am at home, alone.
Sorry you are being sick.
…and boy, you surely sound glad to have us as a company!!


Hope I am not messing up your rules there, Beeesneees.

You’re great, not just normal. And I’m extremely glad, I really am. :slight_smile:

  1. passion fruit

Ladies, don’t despair! Your present situation cannot be worse than mine. I was bed-ridden with jaundice for most part of the past twelve months. Even though I’ve recovered completely, my mom still doesn’t allow me to enjoy the normal luxuries of life – like eating junk food, going on trips with my friends, etc. To add on to that, the grad school application season has started, and I’ve been writing personal statements, SOPs, letters of motivation, etc. continuously. I can’t even hang out with my friends :frowning:
This site is nice though. I can visit it whenever I feel exhausted after writing those stupid essays.

  1. ripe fruit
  1. ripe lips
  1. ripe crops

Jaundice as in ‘‘prejudice’’ or as in ‘‘gelousy’’, Thirdgoblin? (…just kidding)
Your mum, ha? I thought you were just a baby, judging by your user picture! I was right then!


Well, I am a baby. A 22-year-old baby :slight_smile:
And yeah, my mom mollycoddles me as if I’m the still like the infant in your profile pic.

  1. Cereal crops
  1. breakfast cereals

Actually, I thought you were younger than 22, like …17.
Well, I guess we are still children to our parents no matter how old we are.


Well, I am a baby. A 22-year-old baby :slight_smile:
And yeah, my mom mollycoddles me as if I’m the still like the infant in your profile pic.

Glad to know that you are still a 22 year old baby… To that matter everyone on this forum are cute babies learning English and some of them teaching …:slight_smile:
16) Morning breakfast

  1. morning sickness
  1. morning dew

19)Dew point

  1. main point