Let's give each other feedbacks on accent!

Hi there, I want you guys to give me feedback about my accent from the recording

I will definitely also give feedback about your accent if you decide to post it as a voice message.

Let’s begin.

hi case of insanity
oh, i understand you very well. of course your accent is not for native but is imposible to get native accent. in my opinion you are fine

HI Case of insanity

Hi Susan,
thanks for the reply.

Though I will probably never sound totally like a native, I can work on articulating the vowels and intonations closer to how the natives would speak it. I know a lot of my korean friends who sound like natives even though they are from Korea.

People say that accents disappear when you sing but my singing teacher commeneted that I have accent when I sing also. So I’m trying to sound more neutral when I speak and sing.

Are you originally from Argentina? Your accent sounds closer to British accent than a foreign one in my opinion. I wish the sound quality of the voice messages were better because it is hard to hear the details of the accent.

HELO Case and Suan!

Well, Case your accents in my opinion tends to be British. If you didn’t say you are from korea I couldn’t believe that you are Asian. You don’t need to worry about your accent, we can easily understand what you say, and I know that the most important thing in the process of communication is to be understood. One of the best ways I know to make your accent to sound like from a native is to read aloud.

Suan, How long did you live in Britain?

I’m sorry about the voice, my internet connection is so bad.

Hi Tpmasito
I’m suan . I have never lived in England , I go every years , because I have my daughter
merry to a British man. It’s 15º years that I go there
Thank you to encourage me

So, Suan, besides having a British accent, you also have a British family. That’s nice, because you’ll constantly be in touch with their culture, language and style of life.

Hi Tomasito that’s right

Hi guys,
How are you all?
I’m living in France near Paris since I was young. I started learning English when I was at the secondary school and college but after that I had a big break until 4 years ago so I lost a lot. I’m ok with listening, reading but I need to practise my writing, the hardest work for me is speaking.
Could you please give me a feedback about my accent?

Thank you.

your accent is understandable!

Hi case of insanity
Well your accent is a foreing accent o course, I listen yours words little cutted I think you have to smooth the words but in conclution is not bad. Bye

Hi Fas
your accent is great, I have to improve mine. It’s nearly 15º ears I’m studying English, In my first years i improve a lot but after that my improvement is very very little.It’s disappointed, believed me .
Will you give me a feedback too?

It seems I’m getting more feedbacks than I can handle now.
So I don’t need more feedbacks and I will not be able to give feedbacks to people who replied to me. Sorry

I can’t seem to edit my original post somehow so I hope people will read this note.

Hi Kebi,

First off, your accent is absolutely understandable. Guessing from your accent, I think you might be from Europe or Russia. In my opinion, you could try imitating the native accents more if you want to be able to speak more like a native speaker.

When you said the word ‘believe’, the pronunciation seemed too sloppy. Apart from that, the recording was good.

Hi there Tomasito

I appreciate your feedback.

While I agree that being verbally understood is very important, it is just as important to be able to express yourself emotionally. Not just saying words but also how you say the words.

Your accent sounded very understandable too though it sounded more foreign than native.

Just a quick note about how you pronounced ‘aloud’, it sounded like alowd. However, the correct pronunciation for it would be ‘alawd’. In case you didn’t know, you can check nearly every pronunciation for each word at Dictionary.com