Let's build our vocabulary

Hi friends,
Let’s build our vocabulary though a game. One person will post a word and others will answer either parallel word or opposite word. And try to provide simple meaning of word you are posting and if possible use it sentence.

Let me start with word

Every moment during competition was full of excitement.

Suggest parallel word or opposite word or new word.


The examiner found the repetitiveness of the essays boring.


What an irksome task the writing of essays is :frowning:

Icy, what a cool idea – let’s build our vocabulary :slight_smile:


I usually find Gray’s comments Hilarious.


Your trite remarks make me sleepy.

I’’ try to be more creative the next time :slight_smile:


Despite all tilling, the land doesn’t bear fruit. It’s barren.


positive vocabulary will help us standing the day better. :slight_smile:


How satisfied you must be after having written essays. :roll: :),

Btw, I agree with Grays last remark.


I am very dissatisfied with your service.

How are you?
Are you really want to help anyone who wants to lean English?

Yeas Sousa,
We all here to learn English and help each other, welcome :smiley:

Guys :x ,
Be creative, Use unfamiliar words. :x
This game is to get used to unfamiliar words and understand meaning of it and use it our sentence.

Let me start again

Word: Habitat
Meaning/synonyms: Home, dwelling, house, domicile
Sentence: We need to protect wetlands because they are habitats (home) for many endanger species.

Icy, I know just few words I´m not familar with. I mean, as soon as I know a word I´m not familar with, the first step is done, isn´t it? But nonetheless here is one:


The same is for the ambiguity of words. It suggests itself to mean on the one hand two or more senses of itself which is countable but on the other hand also unsureness, uncertainity, uncertainness, tantativeness, shakiness, insecurity…(uncountable), doesn´t it?

see you soon



One who intrudes with nothing of interest to add to the topic in hand. (As above poster.)

Me? :shock:


No, not you my friend, the spammer, who has been deleted.
Sorry to alarm you. :slight_smile:


contemplative~thoughtful, meditative, relective
reverence~respect, obeisance

Never normally more than a few seconds away from a pitty witticism , Peregrine now fell silent and contemplative in the hushed reverence of the Church of Holy Sepulchre
(Blood & Sand by Frank Gardner)

Great! You guys are awesome.
I tried to use the work in sentence. Let me know if have used them incorrectly.

  1. I don’t believe him because there is always ambiguity in his speech.
    (Here I want to say what is talk is always ambiguous, suggest word for speech in this sentence)
  2. Providing more bell out money to anyone who is asking for, is nuisance to the common people.
    Beset: to attack on all side
    When I lost my job I was beset by all by all kinds of difficulty from health problem to bankruptcy.

Keep going

Speech=a (formal) talk
Did you hear her acceptance speech at the Oscars eremony?
Be beset=be troubled
A trip was beset by the heavy traffic.