Let me be your friend! My name is Thao. At the moment I'm studying at Thai...

Hi everybody! It’s really nice to know this forum and this website.
My name is Thao. I’m a Vietnamese. at the moment I’m studying at Thai Nguyen University of education- This school means training teachers.
U can see my nickname ’ Talkertive8x. But don’t worry I’m not talk as much as you think. I have a lot of hobbies and dreams. I love to be a volumteer!.
for example : Hobbies: music ( I can listen to music all day), travelling ( eventhoung I often get carsick ). I like taking photographs, chatting.
Dreams : My dreams are very small and simple :.I wish I had a good job which must be suitable with my trained major.after I graduate. I wish I would be in love with the man will be my husband. I wish I could help children who are homeless.

I am your friend from Guinea Conakry . My name is Mohamed lamine SYlla . I graduated in Saudi Arabia . I want to do master very soon . I dream to be best teacher in my future .

Dear Thao,

Welcome to english-test.net and thanks a lot for your interesting introduction. It’s great to hear that you like listening to music. Maybe you want to join our discussion called what music do you listen to?

Let me know what you think.

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