'Left blank'

I was looking at a business report today, and the very last page had only this sentence:

The problem was that they didn’t leave the page blank. They printed that sentence on it!

Maybe they didn’t have enough ink left to add something such as the word ‘mostly’. :lol:

I wonder what their intention could be :lol:


Maybe they were trying to imply they had nothing else left to either say, do or the future is a mostly blank page for them.

Or better still they just wanted to be quirky enough to get people like you, and me debating about the exact purpose of that “blank page”.

The purpose could purely be to pique curiosity.

cheers stew.t.

Maybe the intention was to provide adequate space for doodling. :wink:

I suggest suing them for misleading, for stating a false clause in the contract.
Next time they will know better than to write clearly contradicting clauses.

The folio had 24 pages, but they had only 23 pages of information to report. Some readers would probably have thought that the empty page had been left blank by mistake, so they put that statement on the page. I’ll bet the company’s operators had received thousands of calls in previous years from people who thought they’d received an incomplete report. Therefore they have to put that oxymoronic statement on the page.