Learning how to use the words discreet, discretion and privacy in sentences

  1. You need to be discreet by learning how to assign discretion/privacy level to each task/ to the things you talk about/ topic of conversation.

  2. We need to learn to assign privacy level/discretion level to the things we talk about with strangers/ to what informations we should share with strangers.

  3. We need to learn how to differentiate between things that are discreet and indiscreet/ things that are private and not private.

  4. We must have a discretion/privacy boundaries for things.

Can I use privacy and discreet in the above sentences. Did I construct the sentences correctly? Please advise


You must be discreet by learning to assign a discretion/privacy level to each task/topic of conversation.

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Are you talking about protecting business secrets or someone’s personal life?

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