Learning grammar


I don’t know if this is the right place to post this question. I have gone through all the grammar classes in school and slept through all of them. Is there another way for me to learn english grammar other than the standard, typical way (reading abt tenses,etc). Can someone recommend me any essays/articles that will do the same job?


Some people say that you should forget about “learning” a language. They advise that you “absorb” it. Some famous people claim that they learned English simply by watching English-language TV shows and movies every day. And, of course, if you live with people who speak only English, you will be forced to learn it. I guess it all depends on your goal in knowing English. If you have academic goals (a university degree), you will probably have to know grammar. But if you just want to know it for other reasons (e.g., to deal with English-speaking people who come to your business), then just “absorb” it “naturally” by listening to it and speaking it constantly with English-speaking people. Many people have come to the United States and eventually learned English quite well by simply being exposed to English every day and being forced to use it. In other words, the best “teacher” is TIME.