Learning from friend and family or from personal experiences?

Some people believe that the best way of learning about life is by listening to the advice of family and friends. Other people believe that the best way of learning about life is through personal experience. Compare the advantages of these two different ways of learning about life. Which do you think is preferable? Use specific examples to support your preference.

Everyone of us different choices, perspectives and influences of others based on circumstances. Learing form other that from friends and family or learing from personal experience both have thier own pros and cons. I personally have learnt many things form both of these ways, but when it comes to the best, i am inclined to personal experience.

To begin with, learning about the life from listening the advice from friends and family is like spoon feeding.In this way, you dont have to worry about the failure.As our friends and family will be only advicing when they have already passed through the similar situation in the past in their life. Addtionally, they are our well wisher. So we will have 100% faith in their advises while learning something new. For example, I was afraid of water when i was a kid. While learning swimming, my dad encouraged me by diving himself and assured me to catch if i would not be able to swim properly. He also showed me other kids of my same age, who were swimming in my class. In this way, I learnt swimming but at slower rate compared to other kids.

Learning from own experience is like beginning of eating wiht the own spoon . There are chances of failure, but personal experiences will teach precious lessons in life.As i said in introductions, friend and family menbers may have different perspective than us. Once we have experience sucess in something, then we imitates the same thing and if we face problem then we try do it in differnt way. Trials and errors of ours teach us a new experience. Eventually, one day we will learn a lot from our past experiences.

As far as I am concerned, I am more on side of the personal experience. Thing learnt from the personal experiences will help us in developing our point of view. For example,many friends of mine study days prior to exams. However, I like to study on regular basis. Last year,they adviced me to do the same, I tried it in my mid-term exams but their method did not suit me well. I was unable to recall things during my exams due to lack of revision, which I used to do on regular basis. Moreover, this way affected my grade as well. After this, i decided to continue with my own method of studying.

In conclusion, I would say experience is the best teacher. Learning from experiences are valuable achievements in life. Learning from friends and family’s advice is essential as well as, but those learnings have less influence on me. Eternal source within us knows what is the best for us. Therfore , i prefer to learn from my experiences.

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Hi Kattie, I thought this was a bit better. You have somewhat more detail in your examples and your ideas are relevant and persuasive. You still have a lot of small errors and some unclear phrases though, so I don’t know if this would make it to the 4 level.
I am going to ask on the forum about how to choose between “way” and “method” - I will let you know what they say.

Hi Katie, here is a good answer for choosing between way and method:

I think the two words do take different directions. ‘Way’ is associated with style or manner in doing something. ‘Method’ is associated with a practical, systematic, almost mechanical approach to doing something. The meanings become clearer when they are used in expressions.

Way - way of life, way of speaking, way of behaving.

Method - the pragmatic/practical approach is illustrated in the branch of the Christian religion developed by John Wesley that’s called Methodism where certain principles are followed systematically. And of course the word ‘methodology’ describes in detail how something is performed.

Thank you Mr. Luschen for clearing my doubt about way and method. I also appreciate your advise on improvement needed in my essays. I am working on those parts. Criticize my mistakes whenever you find them. Thank you again.