Learning foreign language in own country or the country in which it is spoken

Today is called information century. It is mean that people all over the world need some way to share their information, data and even their experience to develop the world technology and science. The need to learn a foreign language is obviously demanded. Some people prefer to learn another language in their own country while other prefers to learn it in the country where it is spoken. I, personally, believe that living in another country to learn its language is the best way. In the other country not only can you talk with people spoken the desirable language, but also you can use some facilities to improve your ability.
To begin with, being in another country provide one to be in real situation, to talk with different people with different accent. Living in a country whose people talk in another language, make one to learn the language in order to be able to do essential job and provide the necessary requirement. For example, If one who can just speak in France living in German, should learn German to buy food, clothe or finding a job or even making familiar with other people.
Furthermore, some facilities like TV, radio or newspapers can help one to learn the foreign language. In order to get the news, one can either read newspapers or watch it on TV. Therefore, some part of the foreign language is learned by experience. By doing so, some special words which are used in the country religious custom, ceremony and special event are learnt.
To sum up, I believe that learning the foreign language in the country which it is spoken is both easier and more accurate than learning it in one’s own country. Thus travel to another country, learn its language and even make memorable and happy time for yourself and friends.[/b]

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Good morning Aziz. Although people might understand your spoken English quite easily, your written English is another matter. You need far more practice in both reading and writing to improve. I suggest you spend a little time reading the work of other students here on the thread to gain an insight into improving both.


Dear Kitosdad
Thanks for your suggestions. I’ll improve my English.