Learning English on Youtube


Just signed up to your English forum. Anyhow I am learning English on Youtube. There are some spoken words that I do not know exact meaning or exact words on Youtube video. Need your Help.

video #1


On 1:17-1:22, this guy says something about “Toy the two canon pinky the picklet, poor pinkey never saw coming.” that’s my guess. Not sure that’s the exact words being spoken.

Video # 2


on 00:33-00:34. “our amazing car rick” My guess is “car rick”
as in “car trick” If not, what is “car rick”

on 04:45-04:46 “what happen to my racer screw” That’s what I hear
“racer screw” Please correct me on this.

Thank you so much.

  1. But there was an unfortunate accident at my first gig involving Tory the toucan and Pinky the piglet. Poor Pinky never even saw it coming… but it totally wasn’t my fault but I have been blacklisted since.
    From that, we are supposed to surmise that the toucan did something to the piglet, probably attacked it.

  2. Our amazing car rig, which is our camera taped to the dash. (car rig - the setup of something - in this place the set up of the camera in the car.)

It sounds like ‘where did I put my razor screw?’ to me, but I didn’t listen to the whole thing. I presume it’s a reference to something which was explained earlier.

Beeesneees, Thank you so much. I love this forum. :)!

didn’t he say “razor scooter”?

PS: those are tough videos, a lot of reduction. It might be a good idea to start off with easier videos. Maybe The Simpsons would be a better fit for you.

With your clue I listened again and think he says
Where did I put my racer (or racing) scooter.

This would make a lot more sense.

Thank you all, Our Tort System and Beeesneees. I watched Simpsons in the past without any understanding problem. But sometimes that’s what I am having problems on chatting with natives speakers during happy hours. So simple conversation and yet not quit get what they’re saying. Sometimes just guessing. I definitely need your help.