'learn' or 'study'

Hi again,

Is there anyone who could tell me the difference between the usage of ‘learn’ and ‘study’?


I’m learning English. or I’m studying English.

I learnt a lot yesterday afternoon. or I studied a lot yesterday afternoon.

Which are correct?

Thanks a lot in advance.
bye Liza

We study in order to learn. Studying is the process, while learning is the outcome. Hopefully, you are both studying and learning English. You may have studied a lot yesterday afternoon, but you won’t know whether you learned a lot until you take the exam.

Dear Mister Micawber,

Thanks so much for your quick reply.

However, could you please add one more thing? If there is no object in the sentence, still I can use ‘study’ or ‘learn’? e.g. What were you doing at 2 yesterday? I was studying / or I was learning.
I feel that maybe the second one is not correct. Maybe is there a rule, that you must use an object with ‘learn’?

thank you very much

It has nothing to do with an object; it is the meaning of the verb-- you can only know that you were studying at 2:00 yesterday; you cannot know whether you learned any of it until you are later put to some sort of test or otherwise accurately reproduce the knowledge you acquired.