Laziest man of the world.

Mr. Burma is the most notorious for his unrivaled laziness in his part of world. One day his wife urged him to contend for the title ‘the laziest man of the world’ awarded by world’s renowned Nessguin Book of World Records.

He registered for it and said, I’ve registered, to his wife.

In that morning of the competition his wife had to wake him up and urge him again and again to go to the arena. He went out and came back in the late afternoon.

His wife asked in expectation, did you get it , darling.

He said in a rather sleepy voice. I dunno…

What! I don’t understand, didn’t you go to the competition, his wife questioned.

No, honey, I was too lazy to go there, I went straight into the barn and slept all day. But, I won the trophy in my dream.

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Good story with a practical moral … and many people now-a-days are winning the trophies in their dreams…yes…!!

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Welcome…dear friend…!!

If someone is dedicated, decisive, cunning, ruthless and indifferent he can win most of the trophies. You can see the winners throughout the history who fit in most of these categories. Win, or you die. Kill or be killed.

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In India we will not conduct this type of competition “the Laziest man of the World”
instead of we will conduct “the Busiest man of the world” in that competiton
most of the people will be winner of that competition, so they will not conduct
that by considering more Awards. Once they get that award they will become lazy.
As Indian people are always busy in all activities, they will not imagine/dream themselves for this Award even in dreams.

That’s why you are in India and I’m in Burma. We are not only lazy but also dumb. But what to do.

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To improve your country from laziness & dumb, you people should try to become role model
of our country people. What I Can do for that? You had joined on the forum on 25th July and you achieved 100% and leading Toppers No.9. it shows your efforts & intelliegency,you achieved your target very soon, for that I cannot blame anyone why I have not achieved like you even though I joined 26th Sep.2009. Because
I have not taken sincere efforts to achieve that.

Even though your country people are lazy, you are like a Bee and working round the clock
on the forum.

Wish you Good Luck.

Thank you


Thank you for your kindest compliment Ms. Shanthi, I appreciate it very much. It’s just my hobby.

We see India and other neighbouring countries are very industrious. But we decide not to follow your ways, to be industrious. Because you people look so tired to us. We still have lots of land and tons of gold under our feet and natural resources in handy all around. We can’t use up our rich resources until next three hundreds year when almost every country’s exhausted it’s resources. So we sleep on it. lol.

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In Burma we maintain our IQ at 40 and we work only 4 hours a day. Our gods don’t like us working hard and having an IQ of 130. So we don’t dare to do things against their wills.

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Thanks for your brief explanations of your country resources.

I am quite busy for Pongal Festival, and I will be available on forum from 17th
January 2012.



You’re always welcome Ms. Shanthi. And a happy Pongal Festival to you.

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