Lay off

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One of the definitions of ‘lay off’ is discharge unneeded workers temporarily and also make redundant.Does ‘make redundant mean discharge? Would you please explain it to me?
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redundant - deprived of one’s job because it is no longer necessary for efficient operation: ‘He has been made redundant’.

In simplistic terms:
Discharge temporarily - tell them they are not required for work at that moment and should seek work elsewhere. However, there is a chance that when the market picks up they will be able to offer them employment again if they wish to take it.
Make redundant - tell them they are not required permanently; terminate their position. (There may be a one-off lump sum paid to ease the parting)

'Lay off/discharge = end their employment because there is not enough work for them to do.

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This one off sum is called severance package, right?

Very often, yes, Tort.

Dear beeesneees,
I don’t understand the exact mean of my friend ‘Tort’ .Is His/her point of Severance package is Severance pay?
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severance pay / severance package is similar.
Sometimes a ‘package’ can contain more than just a payment though. For example, it might be a payment plus an additional 6-months health insurance.

Thought ‘lay off’ was just for letting go people on permanent basis, merely.

Then layoff would mean also to let go for a little while too … if clashes occur or business starts to fizzle…