Laws should not be rigid or fixed. Instead, they should be flexible enough to...

GRE essay

Laws should not be rigid or fixed. Instead, they should be flexible enough to take account of various circumstances, times, and places

Laws are meant to control any kind of misdeeds, havoc, recklessness, disturbances and turbulence occurring in society. They are an essential part of our lives which allows us to live in harmony and peace in general. Laws are meant to be followed strictly because if they are made flexible or some boundaries are changed then it’ll be very difficult to curb crime. I agree that there are certain societies which support profane laws, which prove sometimes harmful to the society. Let’s dive into some examples supporting my perspective.

For example in certain Asian countries where bribery and sycophancy prevails in daily lives of people, if laws are made flexible and changed according to situation then the local gentry will try to persuade the higher authorities. If a law is modified for one person at one point of time, there will be no set boundaries upto which level the law should be modified. A petty thief may convince the cops for not arresting him, or not to be fined. This small modification in rule may lead to a phenomenal change in crimes, mess in society. In United States there are rigid rules for driving, if the rules are manipulated for situations like pregnant women, aged persons and disabled persons then this may lead to accidents and trouble.

There are still some societies in Middle Eastern Countries in which very strict rules prevail about certain issues which may prove stressful and can cause agony to people. For example there are still some countries in which women cannot move out of house without a male companion, women cannot attend private schools. I completely agree that rules of such order of strictness may be modified according to the developed generation and situation of people.

Rules should be followed by people as long as they don’t hurt the sentiments of common mass. Strictness and rigidness of rules should always be same for all people and should not be modified according to time, place and circumstance. On the other hand the rules which were formed ages back and are not changed till decades must be modified to bridge the gap between generations and promote better synchronization in society.