Last year in March vs in March last year


Are the following sentences correct?

A: I met him last year in March.
B: I met him in March last year.

Thanks a lot.

They are both correct but (B) has a better flow. Formally I would not expect to see (A).

I see.

What about if I say it this way:

A: I met him in March of last year.

Is it also correct?

Thank you so much:)

That’s correct, yes.

I truly appreciate the speedy response :slight_smile:

The speed of the response is just down to luck. If there is a moderator on-line who is not busy editing something else when you post the question, then you will usually get a speedy response. If no moderator is available then you might have to wait a while. We don’t have set hours.
If you are really unlucky, your question is missed because the forums are so busy, in which case when it is obvious it has been missed you should post it again.


Both are perfectly acceptable. The choice depends on whether you want to emphasize the year (A) or the month (B).


Thank you for the additional information :slight_smile:

Have a nice day :slight_smile: