Konstantin vs. Constantyn

Hi english-test.net. I am a student. I am learning English.I am very surprised. It is an excellent place for learning English. Help me , please. Is it correct Constantyn.?? Probably, it is correct Konstantin.
Many thanks in advance.
Cowboy :smiley:

Hi Cowboy, Are you a real cowboy? OK; just a joke.
As for your question - I think Konstantin is a proper name, a name for a man and there probably are different ways of spelling it. I suggest you try various versions of the name in Google and see what comes up. Type in: Constantin, Konstantin and maybe even your version - Constantyn.
By the way: Why is this important to you? Do you know someone by this name? And you don’t know how to spell his name? Simply ask him.[YSaerTTEW443543]

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Many thanks for your answer. You are right. I tried to type this name. I found Konstantyn
My grandfather has name Konstantyn . Sometimes I have to write this name in English. I like to write Konstantyn
Happy cowboy :smiley: