knowledge gained from experience VS. knowledge gained from books.

Essay 7: It has been said “Not everything that is learned is contained in books.” Compare and contrast knowledge gained from experience with knowledge gained from books. In your opinion, which source is more important? Why?

               In this rapidly-changing world, intelligence is pivotal character of prosperous human. Majority of people reckon that knowledge gained from book. On the contrary, I buttress a notion, which reinforces that wisdom gained from experience owing to acquiring knowledge efficiently, mastering at outdoor and social activities, discerning nuances.
Firstly, being adept at one major by learning adequately is better than be conscious of some major low. As an illustration, last year, I started to learn programming language with tutor, for the reason of my alacrity about programming. The infancy of studying, I bolstered to study at book. But, from day to day, I perceived that studying book was not efficient for me. When I strove to make some program, I couldn't programming well, inasmuch as I read only book, but I didn't attain information about how or when I used these codes, while I was reading. Thereby, I started to practice and at every tentative I achieved new knowledge. At the end of my education, I had learned programming very effective and detailed. Thus, experience is mandatory to comprehending knowledge sufficiently.
Secondly, geniality is intrinsic character in human nature. For instance, in my university years, I lived in dormitory because I studied abroad. At these times, I was very vacillating and taciturn and also my English was not good, so I didn't speak with my roommate a lot. I tried to get information about how I can be amiable and sociable, but I didn't find any information from books. Eventually, I decided to only experience and firstly, I notified my roommate about my decision. Everyday, we conversed about some ordinary topic. As a result, I became sociable and affable, and along with these my speaking in English turned into fluent, which I couldn't improve via got information from books. Thus, like the old proverb "experience is the best teacher" and in addition, experience is requisite to become well connected and outgoing.
Last but not least, there isn't any difference between theory and experiment in books, but in practice there is for the reason of subtle distinction. For example, few years ago, I had an essay assignment about online study or classroom study was better. But I didn't have any notion, because in my view point there wasn't any difference between classroom study and online study. So, I tried to experience both of them and I discriminated some differences, such as online study was cheap or classroom study was confusing because there was lots of children at classroom. Then, I wrote an essay which ascribed to my experience and as a result I got good at my assignment. Thus, experience is best teacher for understanding nuances.
Put it all together, as far as acquiring knowledge elaborately, discerning nuances, mastering at outdoor and social activities are concerned, experience is very compulsory for our lives. People should achieve information or knowledge from experience.

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