Will this kind of Antimoon of b*ttlicking ever infect this forum? I hope not.

Please pardon the expression, but what a bunch of pussies!


I’m not sure if there’s an actual word for the situation of logging in anonymously to nominate yourself in a butt-kissing thread, but I’m coining the word ‘Autophilemapygia’ for it, just in case.

A person who does it excessively would then be an autophilemapygimaniac.

Abso-blooming-lutely! :wink:


Mind, mentioning no names, a bit of bu*tlicking does go on here.

Even more disturbing: the morbid condition of opening threads to encourage others to watch one logging in anonymously to nominate oneself in a butt-kissing thread.


:!: :?: :shock: :? very interesting

sorry but i didn t understand what you wanted with this kisssssss because i am a new member

Hello Ardiana,

Molly has found a thread on another forum. In that thread, the participants praise each other’s contributions to the forum. Molly does not think this is attractive behaviour.

(“Kisssssss” is an exaggerated form of “kiss”. It is used here as a metaphor for excessive public affection, of the kind that actors might display.)

Best wishes,


Egocentrigraphautophilemapygimania, maybe? :?

I may have missed an affix in there someplace…

Molly’s not the only one:

Do you think it is attractive behaviour, MrP?

While you’re busy “coining”, what would be your word for those who give poor quality advice on modal verb vs. full-verb usage? And how about a word for those who flock around one member hanging on in awe of his every word? :lol:


Specific to this forum, naturally.

You want to call yourself “a Molly”? :lol:

If/when I give poor quality advice, sure.

For now, you’ve got the monopoly on it, however.

Do show me where, won’t you?

It’s more attractive than praising one’s own contributions to a forum, as a certain “MollyB” seems to have done…


I wonder why Josh didn’t find that thread attractive. My MollyB post was just for fun. Really, how could one want to get involved in such a*sekissing as found on that thread? Hey, thinking about it, was your name mentioned there?

Good on yer, Josh:

Now all the b*ttkissers can go back to snogging people of the opposite sex. Ha!