Kindly rate my essay for IELTS Wrting task-2

These days more emphasis is being placed on university eduation vocational training is not encouraged, and thus there are few qualified trade people. To which extent do you agree aor disagree

In present age, most of the individual’s endavour to acquire graduate degree.Nowadays, it has become a trend, as most of the parents want to provide higher education to their nippers. At the meantime, it has sparked much debate, some argue that concentrating on post secondary education has fundamentally beneficial influence on our society, while others contend that job certification training should be preferred.Apropos of the above mentioned statement, I am in partial accord with it, as both arguments should be given equal considerations.

On the one hand, higher education has diverse strong points. The most imporatnt factor is that it transpires maturity among the students, they are able to accept challenges upto a greater extent.Another significant factor is that young graduate candidates have various job opppotunities along with sufficient salary packages. Moreover, in our society, populace praise noticeably to higher qualified individuals, alongwith they have extraordinary chances of promoting up, to higher ranks.

Convincing argument can be made in favour of introducing extensive trade short courses.The basic advantage of these courses is that those who do not have enough money can consummate such practical courses which provides hands on skills, ergo, they begin to earn money. Another factor is that tradeperson’s can also plan their own individual work which assists to establish new talent. However, the basic drawback is that artisons are not payed high wages as compared to a qualified person.

In the nutshell, in my personal pragmatic cognizance, acquiring higher professional education have more postive impact on our society, as educated populace is the backbone of a country.But, concurrently, one cannot nullify the importance of skilled worker as without them, one cannot achieve their targets.

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Hi Norman, I thought you did a pretty good job on this essay. Your structure is effective and you had some good examples, which were relevant and convincing. You did have a lot of grammatical errors though, along with some poor word choices and a few odd sounding phrases. Overall, I would rate this a band 6.