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What are the good things and bad things about the place you live in?
It is true that everything has two aspects, one is the good one and another is the bad one. Especially about the places everyone has their own likes and dislikes. I am living in Islamabad the capital city of Pakistan. I love my city I have lots of wonderful memories in this city. As like other city my country also has some negative and positive points, which I will discuss one by one.
The first and foremost which I personally really like it is its greenery and cleanliness. My city is extremely clean and green as compare to the other part of Pakistan. It have lots of garden, parks have been made in every part of my city. The government is paying its full attention towards its cleanliness and greenery. Because of this it attracts lots of tourist to come and visit my city. The weather is most of the time pleasant because of trees, plants, and flowers especially summer season. The side part of streets of my city is decorated with colorful and beautiful flowers. That’s the reason that the moving from one side to other is never been a boring it’s always give pleasant by seeing different sciences of flowers and beauty at road side.
The thing which I don’t like about my city is the public transportation, it don’t have comfortable vehicles. Wagons or Suzuki’s are using for transportation, as they are so congested and the space is not too much, so it really bother the public during travel from one side to other side of city. If the government set up buses, and charge a fair amount of money, it will not only be a big support for the common person but also it will help to reduce the unnecessary vehicles; control on pollution and increase in the beauty of our city.
In addition, my city doesn’t have large shopping malls, and everything is so expensive over here. The markets are too far form the accommodation of public. If someone wants to buy some grocery or something else, they have to go there by vehicles. The price of goods over here is high than other city of Pakistan.
My city’s education system is as compare to other cities of Pakistan is good and advance. Schools, collages, universities and centers have been established near the towns. The most famous and registered universities like Qauid Azam University, Islamic university, MUMAL University etc of Pakistan situated in this city. That’s why student across the Pakistan are coming here and take admission.
In calculation, there is lots of things to mention but the time doesn’t permit. I love my city, its beautiful, green, clean, it has calm environment. Despite of all these, it also have some negative points too. Its our responsibility to remove the bad side, the government should take steps regarding the transportation and provide well and comfortable transportation for public convenience, and they should set up Shopping Malls near accommodation and must take positive steps regarding the high prices of city as compare the other cities of Pakistan.

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