Kindly check my paragraph which I wrote for my Masters studies

Socrates addressed to the jury and said:

“Members of the jury, I know very well that the witnesses has very smartly put allegations on me. Actually, I myself got bored of hearing such allegations. Reality is that they have not told even one word of truth. They have put allegation that respectable jury should not get screwed over my sayings because I’m liar. If speaking truth is to be cunning, then I’m being cunning. My point is always non-fiction. If you think a man speaking truth, should be sentenced to death then I’m ready to be sentenced.”

Hello, Mr. Basit:

I am not a good enough writer to rewrite your paragraph.

I am replying only to offer some respectful suggestions:

  1. I do not believe that your paragraph meets the high standards required for a master’s degree.

  2. I would not use the word “smartly.”

  3. I would not use “bored.”

  4. I DEFINITELY would NOT use “screwed.”

  5. Neither would I use “liar.”

Hopefully, someone will soon suggest how you should phrase your paragraph. I wish you the very best of luck.