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It has recently been announced that a new movie theater may be built in your neighborhood. Do you support or oppose this plan? Why? Use specific reasons and details to support your answer.

Recently, I came across the news in the newspaper that a movie theater is going to built in my neighborhood. Some of my neighbors who is fond of movie might be support the idea and it might be a good news for them. Whereas this news was somehow shocking for me because of its abandon disadvantages and affect on my community. I strongly oppose the idea of building the movie theater in my neighborhood. I will explore only a few of most important one here.

The main reason of my propensity of opposing to set up a movie theater in my neighborhood is that it will cause noise and will completely diminish the calm environment of my community. It’s obvious that the movie theater will bring disturbance as well as have great part in polluting the atmosphere of my town. Lots of cars and smoky vehicles will rush to the theater. Apart from that the traffic will jam all the time; one will not be able to move from one place to another easily. Meanwhile, the street of my town is narrow. There is not much place for parking, the cars and other vehicles that will come to the theater drastically increase this problem.

The other negative influence is that it will distract the students of my neighborhood from the core studies. Now the movie theater is far away from my home, the students can not go there in the daily bases, but if the theater will be in our neighborhood certainly, they will go regularly, as a result, it will effect on their studies, their mind will be distracted, they wouldn’t be able to pay their full heed towards their studies.

In addition, very important reason for opposing the idea is that, the country I am living is an Islamic country, Pakistan. My community doesn’t like movies and even those who go to the movie theater don’t consider a responsible person. In my country, there are sundry theaters and grumblers are mostly wandering around it. Theaters are also not allowed to play the American or other countries movie and our own movies are not worthy of watching and wasting the precious time. It’s hard to support this idea.

In a word, building the movie theater have really negative impact on my community, taking all the above factors into account, I strongly oppose the constructing the movie theater in my neighborhood, and I am sure that majority of my neighbors will support me.

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