Kind of Verb

Hi teachers

I know there are many kinds of verb like auxiliary verb, main verb…
So How many kind of verb in English?

Thanks in advance


Well, I’ll list and you count, OK Jupiter?

Main, auxiliary (primary, modal, passive), semi-auxiliary, catenative, causative
past, non-past
finite, non-finite
Regular, irregular
active, stative, passive
subjunctive (mandative, formulaic), indicative, imperative
transitive (mono- and di-), intransitive, copular
simple, progressive, perfective, perfective-progressive
simple, complex

Oof! That’s all the classifications I can think of at the moment.

Dear Mr. Micawber

Jupiter’s question caught my attention because really in all my school and college life I never got to know about the spicific number of the kinds the verb has. Can you tell us the number please?

You wrote: Active, Passive and Stative.( Never heard of the last one) Can you give an example as to how and where it is used?

Evers yours


You don’t say! :o

Well, no wonder nobody wants to count them!

Stative verbs (in contradistinction to dynamic verbs, which I failed to list) express a state of affairs or condition, and are reluctant to appear in continuous aspect. Examples are know, love, believe, etc.

Dynamic verbs are action verbs; they express some kind of event: go, eat, etc. Most of our verbs are of this sort.

Thank Mister Micawber

But what is catenative verb? and

What is reflexive verb?



Have you tried ONE LOOK yet, Jupiter?

Dear Sir

I think I did not ask my question correctly.

Is there any spicific number of the kinds a/ the verb has.(Sorry no idea about the article coming with “verb”)

Thanks in advance


Sorry, Tom, but your question is still not clear. Perhaps if you made a list of all the ‘kinds’ that you can think of, then we can try to add to your list. Here is how you began:

  1. main verb
  2. auxiliary verb
  3. ?
  4. ?
  5. ?
  6. ?