Kind Attention of Claudia, Chin Race of Burma.

For you Claudia.

One of my family member Chin Race of Burma.

The Chin known as the Kuki[citation needed] in Assam and Manipur, Mizo in Mizoram, Bawm or Halam in Bangladesh and Tripura are one of the ethnic groups in Burma.The Chins are found mainly in western part of Burma (the Chin State) and numbered circa 1.5 million. They also live in nearby Indian states of Nagaland, Mizoram and Manipur and Assam. Owing to Baptist missionaries’ intervention, over 90% of the population practice Christianity. A small group of individuals from Mizoram claimed that they are one of the lost tribes of Israel, that of Bnei Menashe tribe; some have since resettled in that country.

The Chin people are one of the large ethnic minority groups in Burma. The Chin people are of Tibeto-Burman groups and probably came to Burma, especially the Chindwin valley in the late 9-10 century AD. Most Chin people moved westward and they probably settled in the present Chin State thought to be around 1300-1400 AD. The Chin people do not have factual records of their history as the Chin practice oral traditions. The original meaning of “Chin” remains obscure; though scholars have proposed various theories, no widely-held consensus has been reached.


Oh, I love them.

kind regards.

They say Chin people are the most honest and loyal people of Burma.
And I do believe it.

Hi! Claudia,

Ich komme aus Naga, Birma.

Wie ghet’s?

Viel Spass.

To me, they’re all so beautiful since they’re so unique and so innocent and so simple looking. All these virtues of theirs, I can’t find on me.
None of them at all. I’m one of the best sinners on earth.

I love you my people.

kind regards.

Wow, thank you so much, Kyaw! Are only Chin women getting face tattoos? Do the various patterns all have a specific meaning or are they “just” for decoration. I am enthralled by body art; for example, I totally love the facial and body tattoos of the Maori in New Zealand. The Chin facial tattoos remind me of the Maori. I can totally see why you are in love with the Chin; I hope this isn’t a silly question, but are you really related to the Chin people or did you just speak hypothetically? Either way, tell me everything you know. This is fascinating to me. :slight_smile:


Yes, spiritually and genetically 100% related. They left in the hills and we came down to the plain.

Men of all races wear/do tattoos in Burma. I’m a Gay so I don’t wear one. Needle are not for me.

As for women, I believe only Chin women wear/do tattoos.

I suppose they adorn these tattoos mostly for the beauty.

And I find them really beautiful on them. So cute?

They say Burmese, Rakhine and Chin races have same genes. I don’t know. But I do believe.

kind regards.

Claudia I’ve got to go to heaven. Don’t dig me, the mummy, up again , you naughty girl.

Goodbye. Love you.