Kill me of or kill me with thirst?

Hello everybody

Which is a correct proposition for the given sentences?

1- Do you mean to kill me------------ thirst? ( with, of)
2- Do you want to kill me -------------- suffocation?
( with, by, from, of)

Thanks in advance


First of all, neither of your sentences is a good proposition :wink: !

The following prepositions sound more correct to me:

1- Do you mean to kill me of thirst?

2- Do you want to kill me by suffocation?

Hi Tom

Your first sentence sounds particularly strange.

A standard collocation would be “die of thirst”. Using the word “kill” just sounds wrong to me.

If I absolutely had to use the word “kill”, then I would choose a word like “dehydration” (instead of thirst).

Do you mean to kill me by dehydration?

But, as Conchita mentioned, both sentences are awkward.



before your interest in the subject dies down, you may want to have a look at the following thread:

Die of vs. by and die from

Dear Amy and Conchita

If a host of mine makes me sit in an excruciatingly hot place and does not even offer water, then what would I say as a sarcasm?

1- Do you want to kill me ------------- heat, thirst,
suffocation, hunger? (Or there are better phrases?)

I read the differences between die of, die by and
die from.

Please tell me how the following sentences sound.

1- He died by the bullet, sourd, his old would.

2- She died from a sudden death.

3- She died from suicide.

4- He died from a road accident.




In this case I would use the word “with”.

I would probably say “Are you trying to kill me?” And then complain in further detail about all of the problems.