Keeping money or spending ii?

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Topic: Is it better to enjoy your money when you earn it or is it better to save your money for some time in the future? Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer?


Although everyone loves money, the ways they make use of it are various. While some people decide to spend their money right after earning it, some prefer to save it as anticipation for their future. In my opinion, we should spend our money when we earn it because it is better to use money to stabilize our future, make more money in the future and additionally, avoid intensifying our nervourness.

First of all, to build up your future, you should spend your money as soon as you receive it. To be more specific, money is very useful in developing your soft skills and English level as well as relationships. In third world nations, the price for attending a high quality course of English or Soft skill building is relative high. These two factors are vital to the future of people in these countries. Therefore, they should spend their money to pay for these indispensable courses and increase their possibility of improving their career in the future. Likewise, expanding your relationships with other people requires money, actually. For example, paying for a dinner with a business partner to show your goodwill is rewarding; and in the future, that partner may provide your with numerous chances in your career.

Secondly, effectively spending your money when you earn it can earn you more money in the future. Some people simply think putting their money in the bank would increase their property. But truly, sometimes the inflation rate is greater than the banks’ interest rates and therefore, their money, although increase in amount, drops its practical value. It is advisable to use that money to invest in businesses. For example, I have seen many people who are brave enough to take part in real estate business, spending a large amount of money to purchase lands and when the economic value of these lands are regconized, they win a lot of money.

Finally, I think keeping large sum of money heighten the owners’ nervousness. To elaborate, it is observable that they are always afraid of losing their money in numerous ways. For examples, putting their money in the banks, they fear it will be robbed; keeping their money in their houses, they are frightened with the idea that their homes will be the targets for greedy thieves. Living under the shadow of such fears could create more pressure on their life and negatively affect their future.

In a nutshell, the advantages of spending money when earning it include stabilizing our future, creating profit and avoid living with the fear of losing our money. I totally disagree with someone who are too obsessive about money and accidentally harming themselves by keeping in a long time.

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