Keeping a diary?

Oh, there is something else I wanted to ask everyone around:
Who of you has ever had the habit of keeping a diary?
I used to keep one when I was younger, I would write an entry every single day and sometimes I went back a few weeks or even months and I would be amazed at the things I that had happened or the ideas that had been in my head back then.

Then when I started studying at university I didn’t have as much time and the entries become less frequent until I abandoned the project all together.

And now a few weeks ago there was some information in our corporate magazine about the ‘art of blogging’ and how important it can become to the marketing strategy of a company. I thought I might pick up the habit of running a diary again and maybe I could somehow contribute to our company website. What do you think about this, have any of you had any similar experiences? Did you use to run a diary and then quit and now you are thing of taking up the habit again?

Let us swap ideas on this :wink:

Talk to you soon,

Blogging is a great way to connect with the visitors on your website, especially if they’re returning customers. The blog allows you a voice to your audience and shows them that you are a human being as well! The best part about blogs, as you alluded with diaries, is that you can look back and see how your company has grown.

As a teenager, I often felt an overwhelming urge to write, but couldn’t find anything interesting enough to write about (not that this has changed much over the years) – and it must be for the same reason that I’ve never been very talkative. My tentative incursions into keeping a diary always turned out to be rather fruitless and frustrating. Yet I felt I had lots of things to say, desperately longed to say them, but didn’t know how to come about it. Besides, the little I wrote would soon end up in the wastepaper basket, carefully torn up to bits. A blank piece of paper was and still is a challenge I can’t resist, but am not up to :frowning: .

Now I have to make up for it by writing on these forums, I’m afraid! :slight_smile:

I’ve kept journals my whole life, and I usually go through two a year. I draw in them, make collages, stick love notes people have given me, write about my day, write about interesting things I see, put quotes, write story ideas, write parts of stories. My notebooks are the most important things that I own. I treasure them because when I reread them, it reminds me of who I was and how I became who I am. My journals are an easy way to see who I am as a person.

I tried to start a journal, but I just kept forgetting to make new entries.

Hi Michael, I think that’s the greatest challenge with keeping a diary or a journal - making entries on a frequent basis. When did you start your journal and how many entries have you made so far?

make entries when you feel like it, doesn’t matter if they are weeks or months apart. it is for yourself, so who cares? but it feels so good to have that outlet.

blogging is great, but make sure you don’t mind letting people see WHAT you write - MySpace and the rest of the online journals can’t really lock your thoughts up and there’s already been cases of students having trouble because they posted pictures of them being drunk and such nonsense.

a personal journal you can at least hide under your bed!


Hi, I thought blogging is all about getting read by as many people as possible? A blog is a website so why would any blogger hide what they write? If you really want to keep a personal diary you can use a spiral notebook or a computer notebook that is not connected to the internet. Maybe I’m confusing something here? Maybe there are different types of blogs - those that are public and others that are personal?

I keep an online diary. I like it that way because I always will have access to it. Paper fdiaries i always seemed to misplace somewhere.