Kaizen! Anybody proficient with it?

Hi all!

Perhaps you know Kaizen, a company?s work structure! In many cases it makes the work easier visible but sometimes it stops the work-flow. I?m interested to read some opinions about it!


I wonder if you have had some working experiences concerning Kaizen Costing.
I can’t say more about this Japanese costing invention because my knowledge of it is just in theory. Kaizen Costing Method is used at the production stage . It is one part of life cycle costing , before Kaizen 's application there is the Target Costing Method. By looking for better ways to reduce those uneccessary costings many Japanese companies have gained great success on the international market. Thus, Kaizen has been widely used by other european countires . I wonder if it is still popular in Germany.
Of course, Kaizen has some disadvantages . Simply speaking, you can’t provide your customers perfect products if you insist on using Kaizen . According to a fixed target costing those products makers try to find other materials which may be not good in quality. That’s the problem, on one hand you want to reduce your costings , on the other hand you have to sacrifice the product’s quality. Kaizen isn’t a perfect costing method after all. You can find those problems in some japanese cars.
In fact, Kaizen isn’t used widely in China, I wonder how it is going in Germany.


Hi FangFang!

As you perhaps know I?m working for a time-job-agency. Therefore I often change the companies I?m working at actually. Now, from this reason I came across the Kaizen Methods twice during the recent month?. First at a factury for clutches last year and currently in a machine-factory. I must admit that I don?t have any experience how Kaizen influences the engineering but I noticed Kaizen?s influence to facturing. And here the Kaizen has several effects as it rules the face of the work-stations and the material-flow. I also must admit that if you?re familar with the system the orders of the work makes some things easier as everywhere is an advice to almost every part of the work. A very pleasant effect also is that every place must kept clean, secure and proper. And this state gets watched frequently. Just one point I also noticed is that the same time everything is fixed and nowhere is room for unexpected situations. For example: last Wednesday a task of mine was to lengthen a chain. Now, I needed three parts of a chain and also one chain-lock. In the system of Kaizen wasn?t ruled the lengthening of the chain as the chain usually would be offered the right length. The three parts of the chain were found quick but the chain-lock (a part for 2-3 Euros) required an investigation of nearly one and a half hour for three people (worker, engineer and work-preparer) and finally costed an amount of 150-200 Euros.


Hi Michael, could you please check the simple past of the verb ‘cost’? As you remember, it’s irregular…[YSaerTTEW443543]

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