Kİtosss, I did what you said. I hope this will not be bad.

Dear Kitos, I really could not write a poem :slight_smile: but wrote what came to my mind. Between, Today I tried to read many essays here, I always read 5-10, but today read more, and I really understood you, this seemed to me a hard work to read so many essays every day. I really appreciate your help to us or to every student here. Thanks very much. Besides, after completing this writing below I felt myself relaxed, this was a good idea, and I had never thought about that. Thanks for directing me to the right direction as usual. What do you think about my writing below, share please. Regards.

I decided to put into words my pre-exam thoughts. In fact I will retake my Toefl exam, so now I am full of apprehension. I want to get rid of that and to take break according to my teacher’s advice. I believe that it will help me and to others to use this method. Now I am going to speak about my favorite musician and singer Sami Yusuf whose music is the only one gives me relaxation and calmness during my hard times. He is from Azerbaijan, my country, but from the southern part which was separated from my country and combined to Iran by Russia during the 19th century. Although we have now considerable cultural differences, we are still one nation. However, Sami Yusuf from that part of my nation, and he did not live there, but just was born there. Afterwards they left for London and he raised there and he has married to a German girl recently. Although the fact that he cannot speak fluently in azeri, but he can sing in Azeri or Turkish. His music or songs create unimaginable feelings on me. He wanted to leave music in his adolescence due to being a muslim, for some beliefs Islam forbids music, but he ended up being a King of Islamic Pop. Once I heard his interview as he said: “I was afraid of being a pop star, my purpose is to give Islamic true messages to society, not to be adored by people as a pop star”. His friend told him that he can give these messages by songs in the best form. As it seems, all story began this way. Now his songs are not just as conventional Islamic singers. His melodies just come to person’s heart by calming down a person. The best one for me is “You came to me” song which means “Allah” by saying “You”. It gives a message that we are not alone in this world even we are standing on the brink of a precipice. There is always the One to help us, to be with us. I am really thankful to this singer due to his unmatched works that really changed my thinking patterns. My peers always prefer to listen rock, or disco songs, but I always kept thinking that, do not I have a feeling of music? Why I cannot listen, cannot enjoy overall music? There is a saying that “if you do not have a music feeling, then you are not a human”. This saying always kept my brain engaged. I used to think that I am not a normal person as my peers because I could not enjoy music at all. When I heard music I used to thin that this is a disturbing noise nothing else. However, once I heard song of Sami Yusuf “Allahu Allah” several years ago, something different happened to me, I searched this music on the Internet later as well as
“You Came to Me”, and listened again and again. Now he is my favorite and the only singer that I am enjoying to listen, his songs never disturb me, but gives brighter feeling and makes me positive towards life. It proved me one thing that there were always things that every person can enjoy, but they have certain times for it, and they will definitely come earlier or later. I once again saw that the world big enough to find enjoyable things forever. Even you think that there is nothing to give positive energy to you, but be sure that there really is.

TOEFL listening lectures: Why does the lecturer mention Leonardo da Vinci?

So, there you go Kleo. An unburdening of someof your inner thoughts and feelings.
I’m sure it has pleased many other people, as well as myself, to hear what you feel and how you feel. Thank you.

Thanks a million Kitos. This was really my true experiences. Thanks so much for giving me such a great chance
to unload my burden. Thanks again.