Just to say

I am new too on the forum !
Happy English everyone !

Hi! “French Woman”. I am also new here. Good luck^^

Hello! People all over the world are here ! It is very interesting .Everyone can share his English with one another.I liked this site very much.

Good English everyone ^^

I hope you get a good time learning an practicing here.


Hi all…
I am new here as well. Nice to meet you all.My name is Abee…
Actually, I like this website so much; it helped me a lot when I was preparing for my TOEFL.
I just got the result, and it is 90.
reading 18
listening 21
speaking 24
writing 27
However, the university is asking for 19 in reading, so I will have to re-take the test just for this one point…
What do you think…do I need a lot of work ? what can I do ???
please any tips…!!!

I’m also new to this site