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How Our Brian Raeds


[color=blue]It’s Prttey fnuny how we can raed tihs einrte snetnece wtih all tehse ltters all out of palce, and we can cnotniue to keep raednig and sitll mekas snece of waht we are raeding. No mttar how mnay tmies you raed tihs oevr and oevr you can sitll mkae snece of it.
How is taht pssoible?

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I know, I know :smiley: --> It’s because when we read we only pay attention to the first and last letter of a word. It’s an automatic process while reading. Rarely we look at each of the letters a word consists of.

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You’re absolutely right pal, I think we’re the only ones in the forum lately, here’s the second part of the piece:

[color=blue]As long as the first and last letter of the word is in its correct position, you can position the middle letters in any order and still make sence of it. Our eyes just glance at he first and last letters of a word.

[size=150]Isn’t it amazing?[/size]

Yes… Our brain has abilities we are not even aware of.

That’s right pal… believe it or not :lol:

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I did not know about that guys!!
now i know… I`ll make the text as a handout and give it to my students!Thanks a lot!! :smiley: