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There will be three great results in the world if governments conside humanitarianism as a goal. First af all, It keeps the peace in the world; If governments believe in humanitarianism, they never start war to acheive more wealth or power, so people have more security and calmeness. Second, it eliminates poverty. For example, I’ve heard that some come countries spill alot of wheat in the sea annually to keep wheat’s price high. I think this wheat can save alot of African people’s life. When poverty is reduced, sanitation goes up. So people’s life become easier, happier and healthier. Finally, in this situation, we observe science’s growth and art’s growth. When people live on welfare, they try to promote their soul, so as I said humanitanism can improve the quality of people’s life.

TOEFL listening discussions: A conversation between a university student and an employee in the student services center

Pretty good, although I would say “this would happen” or “if we increase humanitarianism, this will happen”.