Join & Join in

What exactly are the differences between Join and Join in?


Hi Ruifeng,

In a material way you can join (attach) one thing to another so that it becomes one as in

  • You have to join one end of the cord to the other with a knot. When you are talking of people joining something, you usually mean that they become a member of an organisation as in - She decided to join a health club so that she could lose weight.

Join in has the sense of taking part in/playing a part in/ often in a conversation/discussion/game as in - George was listening very closely to what the others were saying and decided to join in the conversation by saying what he thought.


So if someone is having a birthday party, when he invites his friends, he could say, “Would you like to join in my party this Saturday?”

Thanks Alan.

You would certainly ask someone to join in the fun/the games/the dances at the party but you would simply say - Would you like to come to my party this Saturday?

Thanks Alan.