John left the office - is this ok.

  1. My co-worker(John) left the office for the day. (Evening 5.30 pm). How can i tell this?
    A - John left the office.
    B - John + HAS + left the office for the day.

  2. Is it OK to use - “I am afraid” in spoken english?
    Eg: I am afraid, i can’t finish this work today.

  3. Are these correct - “We HAVE finished one file today”

  4. Previously, i HAVE done it without any problems.

I am not sure, whether i should post these 3 in separate threads. If you want me to do so, from now on, i will do it.


Hello Suresh,

First, it’s completely okay to post those questions in one thread.

In regards to your sentences, I think each of them is fine the way you have them written. However, in #1, A and B don’t have exactly the same meaning. Only sentence ‘b’ conveys your concern about leaving for the day. Sentence ‘a’ is correct, but not specific to the end of the day. He’s left, but it’s possible he’s still coming back later today, where sentence ‘b’ is clear that he will not be returning today.

In #2, it’s okay to say "I am afraid I can’t finish this work today’, but I think in spoken English you’re more likely to hear it in the contracted form of “I’m afraid I can’t finish this work today”.

#3 and #4 are fine as written.

Skrej, thank you very much for your time and reply. I understand all those things based on your answers in a very clear manner.

But, some times, i have read - #4 - like this:
– Previously, we DID it without any problem.
Is this correct too?


Yes, that’s also correct.

‘We did it’ = simple past.
‘We have done it’ = present perfect