Jack Russell.

There it was again! I’d seen it earlier but had thought it was just the breeze moving the grass, but now I was convinced that there was something moving very slowly in the long deep grass.

Was it observing me or was I deluding myself?
I’d hunted these jungles for a long time, and most things tended to scurry away when they had detected my presence, sometimes climbing the trees or just plain running away with that swerving dodging run that they all used to avoid me.

I’d killed many animals, too numerous to count now, but they had mostly been on the small side.
Monkeys were my favourite target. They often came onto the jungle floor to scavenge, and when they were busy digging into the jungle scrub is when I would strike.
My pulse would race and I’d be quite breathless after it was all over.

But. back to the matter in hand … my prey, if that is what it would turn out to be, seemed to be resting.
Was it injured I wondered? If so it would be even easier to kill.

I searched a point that would give me a better view of my quarry, but there was nothing, only the long deep grass between myself and it.

Well, this was what hunting was all about.
After all, I’d been trained for just this kind of situation.
It was strange though. There was no smell coming from whatever it was.
Usually every animal gives off some kind of scent.

I moved forward slowly, aware that whatever it was it was silent and would detect my slightest movement.
Well I was bloody good at this hunting game, and I was confident that this would be another victim to add to my renowned hunting skills.

I kept as low as possible and slowly moved forward.

The silence was eerie, and I had the feeling that even the monkeys were watching the battle that was about to unfold before their very eyes.

I estimated that I was about six feet from my prey so I readied myself to pounce.
The blood was racing through my body but I tried to stay as calm as possible.
Just two more feet, then I’d pounce… This was it!

I leapt forward just as the python lunged toward me.
I had no chance to avoid it, and it’s teeth sank deep into my side.
Immediately I felt the ability to move drain from me.
The python slithered toward me and opened wide its huge jaws.
I had no chance to escape.

Even a seasoned hunter like a little Jack Russell is no match for a full-grown python!.


Hi Kitos,

thank you for another good story, but if I’m not mistaking pythons are nonvenomouse snakes, and kill the birds and mammals on which they feed by squeezing them in their coils.

Truly yours,

I thought pythons would eat anything that moves Irina.Their jaws, which can unhinge, are capable of accommodating pigs and even small children.

I prefer Monty Python.
Ta mates, EvilDwarf

Yes, they can eat whery large prey. Only pythons are constrictors, which means that they will ‘squeeze’ the life out of their prey. They coil themselves around their prey and with each breathe the creature takes the snake will squeeze a little tighter until they stop breathing completely.When I was reading a story I get impression that Jack was eaten alive after he was bitten.

Horrendous, it couldn’t have been a python/paɪ.θ ə n/ . It must have been a mix between worm and dragon. I’ve still seen such terrible ogres/əʊ.gə [size=75]r[/size]s /.
Do you know the Polish Legend The Dragon of Cracow?

How are you ,EvilDwarf?
Oh, mustn’t grumble, you know.

ta ta for now.

Well Bill - Nice yarn - but in my opinion a Rattle snake never mind a Python is not going to get any were near a Jack Russell - For me I would reckon that pound for pound they are easily the most dangerous dogs on earth - As well as being the best carpet surfers - youtube.com/watch?v=LG3R_Vrk6u4

Lovely jubbly,
but can you visualise, I were as huge as you. Indead it’s a bit like me. I’ve never heard about it before.
But the saga The Dragon of Cracow isn’t over.

My mother’s tipped me off yet.
EvilDwarf, don’t stick your neck out too far. Heel my warning!
The Jack Russells are close on your heels.


EvilDwarf, don’t stick your neck out too far. Heel my warning!
The Jack Russels are dog your footsteps.

TTFN, EvilDwarf